HOW TO CHECK IF A WEBSITE IS DOWN is a free online tool that is used to check if a website is currently online or offline. We deployed a complex algorithm that analyzes different websites on the internet and checking if it is down or not. We have 5 servers in different locations or countries of the world, when you input a domain or a URL and click on the analyze button, all our servers will simultaneously analyze the website, thus we are proud to say that the accuracy of is over 98%.

Thousands of website are hacked daily, so if ypu verified that a website is down, try contacting the admin or owner of the website because they may not be aware that their website is down. You can contact them through their Emails or through their social media handles.

In the near future we will add more free tools, our Secure Transport Layer (SSL) checker is currently in development mode. It will enable you check the if a website is secure or not!

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